Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ten Years of Resilience

It's hard to believe that 2015 marks ten years since New Orleans was rocked by the landfall of Hurricane Katrina. This week, the New Orleans Track Club announced that in just over a year, they will commemorate the date with a brand new event, the Resilience 5K.

The Resilience 5K will welcome runners and walkers of all skill levels who want to celebrate the City on a significant date in its history, August 29, 2015.

NOTC Race Director Jennifer Neil said, “The Resilience 5K will follow a course through a neighborhood of New Orleans that has shown great growth and exemplifies the determination and fortitude the City’s residents have shown since Katrina.”

The New Orleans Track Club wants to use the Resilience 5K as an opportunity to give back through a financial donation. Proceeds from race registrations will be funneled back in to the community through a local non-profit organization that has contributed to the growth of NOLA in the past decade. However, it has yet to be decided which non-profit could most benefit from this financial boost. If you know of a worthy group that has made an impact to your community, submit their organization's name and a brief explanation of their impact on NOLA by emailing 

“The track club wants to honor those who have given their time, passion and energy to reestablish the city of New Orleans as a great place to live and visit,” said Don Quintana, NOTC President. “This is our way to give back.”

Further details of the Resilience 5K’s location, as well as registration info will be announced at a later date.


  1. Oh wow. Has it been 10 years already? Nice way to remember and commemorate.

    1. I know, Jen! I couldn't believe it's been 10 years either. It's also crazy to think how many things have changed in that time frame, so much of it being progress.