Friday, August 15, 2014

Full Disclosure

Two things have remained consistent through the evolution of NOLArunner. One being the passion I have for the sport. I may not be the fastest or fittest, but running is something I love to do. Second, I always have provided unbiased and honest opinions on races, experiences, and products that I discuss on these pages and through my social media channels. Benefits are always noted in a post if I receive a free race entry, product sample, or special access to an event has been provided.

Recently, I was asked to serve on the board of the New Orleans Track Club. I readily accepted, as I believe the organization does exceptional work in the community. They put on great events for runners, but even more importantly provide philanthropic contributions to charities throughout southeast Louisiana.

Part of serving as a volunteer on the board is active promotion and involvement in NOTC events, including participation in certain races free of charge. I’ve always covered these races on, and will continue to do so side-by-side with every event produced by others in the city. The unbiased commentary on race execution will also continue, as I know each organization looks to that honesty as a way to improve their product for local athletes.

Moving forward, I’ll reference my involvement with the organization on future posts about NOTC initiatives. Full disclosure is required by those federal agencies that police such things; and honestly, I’m more than happy to comply.

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  1. Congrats Fred!!!! Sounds like a a great joint venture to me :)