Tuesday, June 3, 2014

TUNESday: "Under The Lights" by Cassio Monroe

I've been spending more time in the gym lately, trying to up my weight training and regularly swimming. While I usually do my best to get in and get out as quickly as possible, I can honestly say that the venue has become one of the most interesting places for me to people-watch.

I'm convinced there's someone from every walk of life strolling through the fitness center at any given point. The different personalities merging in this one communal spot is hilarious. From the person seriously training for their next triathlon to the Zumba participant, all are confined to this small space. The resulting interactions are always awesome, and sometimes explosive. Next time you're at the gym, notice the people around you and their various quirky behaviors. The gym is a social petri dish just waiting to be placed under a microscope.

My favorite trend is the person who whips out their phone to take a selfie in the weight room mirrors. There's no shame in their game, and most aren't even discreet about indulging in a self portrait. In my case, I don't need any documentation of what I look like during a workout. However, I have started carrying around my phone to Shazam music playing on the overhead speaker system. Today's TUNESday selection by Cassio Monroe is a product of my gym-time exploits, with the lyric video available below. The single is also available for download HERE.

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