Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TUNESday: "Collide" by Jake Miller

Social media never ceases to amaze me. I'm sure many of you go to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like to see what's going on in politics, entertainment, sports, and amongst your inner circle of friends. The only way to escape is to completely unplug, and let's face it, there's little chance of that happening.

With the likes of Rebecca Black having an inane hit single, pre-teen sisters getting starring roles on prime time TV show "Nashville," and countless other YouTubers making careers out of posting videos, the possibilities are endless. Today's TUNESday shows just how powerful social media is in the music world. One Jake Miller can be added to the list of success stories that have Al Gore to thank for their internet stardom.

Jake's first album was just released, and the first single / music video for "Collide" can be seen below. Check out more from Jake on his YouTube Channel and download more music from him available on iTunes.

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