Tuesday, July 9, 2013

TUNESday: "Safe & Sound" by Capital Cities

I never leave the house to run without my Garmin GPS watch and my trusty iPod Shuffle. That is proving to be standard in a sport that used to only require a pair of shoes for participation. To help keep you current with the latest music to load up on your iPod, I'm going to implement a weekly blog feature appropriately coined "TUNESday."

The first featured song is something with which you may already be familiar as it is getting radio play on Top-40 stations across the country (locally in NOLA on B97). It comes from the indie pop duo from Los Angeles that goes by the name Capital Cities. While the song "Safe And Sound" has been released previously on an LP, a recent partnership with Capital Records is helping to bring it to the masses.

The music video for this single is a fun dance party that you should totally check out below. If its something you want to rock your next run to, its available on iTunes with the rest of Capital Cities' "synth-heavy dance pop" album HERE.


  1. Cool. I've heard this on the radio but didn't know who it was and haven't yet Shazamed. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I Shazamed it twice in the first week it was being played, Katherine. I liked it that much. There's a few songs out right now that I feel similarly about, so that's why I started this feature. Glad you liked it!