Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reunion On The Bayou

In mid-May I joined the Marathon Maniacs Club, becoming one of the members who have completed multiple marathons in a given time period (read about it HERE). One of the perks of the club is that you get discounts and recognition at races across the country. A couple weeks ago it was announced that a local race would be welcoming the Maniacs to reunite in 2014, and of course the term "Lagniappe" is being redefined by the Louisiana Marathon for this event. The added bonuses being offered at the race this coming January are so numerous and exciting, I can't wait for race weekend to get here!

Special perks of being a Marathon Maniac (or Half-Marathon equivalent with Half Fanatics) at the Louisiana Marathon include:
  • An Ambassador that will work closely with Louisiana Marathon team to ensure a great race experience
  • A special ribbon and personalized race bib
  • Access to the V.I.P. Lagniappe Experience, a barricaded and tented area with premium post-race food, sport drinks, water, soft drinks and lots of regional craft beer & wine as well as access to private restrooms
  • Professional group photo before the start of the race at no-charge
  • Private gear check
I ran the Half at the Louisiana Marathon in its inaugural year (2012), and can attest to the incredible experience it was. I had run the Walt Disneyworld Goofy Challenge the weekend prior and was nervous about completing the race. However, once I was on the beautiful scenic course that winds through Baton Rouge, the miles flew by. The team that puts on the race does an excellent job with race swag and the post-race festival. The medals are great, course support is awesome, and the weather is consistently the best in January for a race in the deep south.

If you're looking for a race in Louisiana to check off for the 50-States Club, trying to up your status in the Maniac's ranks, or just looking for a good winter race, this is a great one to pick. Get more info HERE!


  1. Wow, it sounds like the Louisiana Marathon will be an incredible race for you! I'm really looking forward to running the half. Such a great race and I know they'll create an unforgettable experience for the Maniacs.

    1. I'm looking forward to the weekend as well! I'll be running the Dopey Challenge the weekend before in Disneyworld, so who knows how my legs will hold up ... but that's what makes us Maniacs after all, isn't it?

  2. So tempted.. If bead distribution and float viewing were the same weekend it would be a no brainer.
    Go MM #7105!

    1. Who do we need to talk to to in order to make that happen, Karen? Odds are better that bead distribution will happen the same weekend as RnR NOLA.