Tuesday, March 25, 2014

TUNESday: "The Walker" by Fitz And The Tantrums

This Sunday is the first Zydeco Marathon and Half in Lafayette, Louisiana. When I registered for the full several weeks ago after Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans, I didn't realize how much my running would fall off during Mardi Gras and the subsequent weeks.

In spite of my slacking, I'm planning on filling this weekend with races. I've registered for the Reveille at Oak Alley 5K on Saturday morning, and will meet up with Anne shortly after to head to Cajun Country. She's been put on full alert that Starbucks stops will need to be planned for throughout our drive.

Now that I've looked at the course for the Zydeco race and see that it's a double loop for the full, I'm considering one of two options; either I will run only the half, or I will attempt the full and run/walk the back half. It'll be a game-time decision, but either way, this weekend is going to be a fun adventure in a new race destination close to home!

Speaking of taking it slow, this week's TUNESday is "The Walker" from Fitz And The Tantrums. The selection comes from Katherine, who heard it on NOLA radio recently; however, you may recognize it from Ellen's Academy Awards TV commercial or the USA Drama "Suits."

Check out the music video for "The Walker" below, and download the single from iTunes HERE.


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    1. YES! Thanks, Katherine! I'm always thrilled when I get suggestions. I also really like "Suits" and liked the one-shot commercial that Ellen did for the Oscars. I actually think that promo for the awards was better than this music video.