Thursday, October 10, 2013

Better Safe Than Sorry

Earlier in October I posted a preview for the month with a list of upcoming races that will be happening in the greater New Orleans area. It was mostly comprised of races in which I plan on participating; however, there were two on there that will not see a registration form with my name.

Mud Runs and "endurance challenge" races have always intrigued me. Since I began actively participating in races almost five years ago, numerous variations have emerged as leaders in the niche market. Most notable are the Warrior Dash and Spartan Race series, both of which will be coming to the area later this month. Something about combining my running experience with military style obstacles sounds incredibly fun and challenging. It also sounds a little daunting, seeing as how the obstacles are a surprise on race day and I'm not quite sure how I would train for them.

With the time, energy, and expense I put in to training for marathons and half marathons, I have avoided the obstacle challenges out of fear of injury. All I need is a tweaked back, sprained ankle, or sore neck to put me out of commission for coming races that already have my commitment. I know this may be a case of me being a little too cautious, but it's also my thought process of wanting to be more safe than sorry.

Am I missing out on participating in fun events that groups of my friends and coworkers are doing? Yes. But I'm going to do what I think is the second best option. I'm going to go to both the Warrior Dash this Saturday (after I run the Jazz Half Marathon) and the Spartan Race next Saturday with my friend Anne to support her in a quest to put her Crossfit WOD's to the test. The road trip is going to be fun, and I know I'm guaranteed a stop (if not multiple stops) at Starbucks for some Pumpkin Spiced tastiness.

If you're going to support friends at one of these events, keep in mind some (Spartan Race specifically) are now charging spectator fees to get on the grounds and to help offset post-race festival expenses. Pre-registering as a spectator will save some money, so plan ahead when possible.


  1. I was JUST thinking while reading this that CrossFit is the perfect way to train for an obstacle race. And really, any type of activity that makes you stronger would be good prep. Don't they also have standard obstacles at each course? Good to know about spectating fees.

    1. I was watching The CrossFit Games on ESPN last night, and thought of these races as the closest thing to an equivalent. The guys on The CrossFit Games were BEASTS. As far as the obstacles go, I think they vary for some of the races. Warrior Dash may be consistent, but I think Spartan Race changes from race to race.