Monday, September 23, 2013

Falling In To Fall

You didn't need to step outside or watch the evening news to find out what the weather was like in the Crescent City over the weekend. After a night of torrential downpours followed by miserable wetness for the first half of the weekend, fall arrived on Sunday with cooler and dryer temperatures. It was a change that people welcomed repeatedly on social media with post after post about the break from heat and humidity.

I ran mid-day on Friday for a quick 4 miles around lunch time, and wasn't prepared for the sweat fest that I experienced. Thanks to the weather and a little too much fun on Friday night, I took Saturday off. However, the drop in to the 70's and a Saints win had me invigorated and ready to participate in Sunday Runday in City Park at 5:30 last night. It was a quick 3 mile run through the park that had me finish dryer than I had in months. I shuffled off soon after the run to catch a Primetime Emmy Awards telecast that left me wishing I had just run a few more miles.

The change in weather takes a bigger toll on my sleep pattern than anything else. Every year it takes several weeks of fall weather for me to adjust to the change in temperature at nighttime and how to properly set my ac to stay comfortable. Also, for the first time in recent years, I woke up this morning stiff and sore in my hips and legs. Knowing that I recently ran a half marathon, a three mile run shouldn't have caused any strain on my bottom half. Nothing proves that I'm getting older like predicting the weather by my aches and pains.

The heat and rain will slowly creep back in to the forecast as this week progresses, but NOLA meteorologists are insistent that we're going to be seeing more cool weather in the near future. What part of this cooler weather are you most excited about, and how did you celebrate the official start of fall over the weekend?


  1. I am SO looking forward to cooler temps, since my running is so much better when it's not terribly hot and humid outside. I'm going to reorganize the running clothes drawer of my dresser and bring the winter clothes back in soon. Yay running in sleeves!

    1. With all the strength training you've been doing lately, you should be showing us the gun show with all of your runs! How dare you cover them up with sleeves, Katherine!?!
      My winter running wardrobe isn't much different from my summer, although for those early morning races I've been known to bring a throwaway sweatshirt. You never know what temps you're going to get at some of those starting lines.