Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marathon Training Programs

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is on October 13, 2013, and one of the official sponsors is Nike. As part of their sponsorship, the coaches at Nike have put together three different training programs that you can download to get you to the finish line in Grant Park on race day. The schedules range from 18 weeks for novice runners looking to complete their first full, to 15 week programs where intermediate runners can set a new PR or advanced runners can run with the best athletes in the sport.

Having run Chicago three times, I know first hand what a premiere road race this marathon is. While I'm not a certified coach, upon first glance, these plans provide a solid foundation for runners to hit their marathon goals. I know for sure I'm going to be using a modified version of the "PR Plan" when I'm training for my local fall races. However, what's even cooler is that while some large races charge for this training benefit, these plans are FREE! Check them out at the above links, or CLICK HERE for the official Chicago Marathon training page. Even if you didn't commit to the already sold out Bank of America Chicago Marathon, these plans could easily be adapted for your fall/winter race schedule!


  1. The marathon plans on that website are really good. The PR one as well.
    Do you know of a site with plans like that that you would recommend for Half Marathon's?
    Yes I have done a few Half's but since my daughter does not have soccer practice three times a week any longer I need to set come kind of schedule and I do have the looming sub pr goal as well. Though since last Fall I am way off to reach that..

    1. I'm presently using the PR one, Nicole. I've modified it because I'm coming off a "slacking period" where I don't quite have the speed yet, but can still do the distance. I hope to ramp it up soon to work on a fall PR. But trust me, I understand needing the guide to hit some goals. The best simple & free Half-Plans I have seen come from Hal Higdon, and they can be found here:
      Let me know what you think, and I look forward to hearing how they work for you!

  2. & Free!!! Gotta love that!! Thanks I bookmarked it and I will look at it next week after I get back from my mini-vacation.
    Have a great 4th & if you decide to do Hotter than Hell GOOD LUCK!!!!!