Friday, May 10, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare 2013 Medals

In case you haven't heard, runDisney has completely embraced the 10K distance and is in the process of unveiling details about several new events in the coming year. The first up is the brand new Disneyland 10K happening over Labor Day weekend in Anaheim, CA in conjunction with the Disneyland Half Marathon. When both races are run together, you've completed the Inaugural Dumbo Double Dare! Who doesn't love a race with fun alliteration?

Thanks to Abby, Karen and I enlisted early for the challenge  ... and we're thankful we did. It appears that a HUGE chunk of the running community wanted to be a part of this magical weekend in the Happiest Place on Earth, because the race sold out in less than a couple hours. The Disneyland Half Marathon is already a high-profile race that we've each wanted to do for years, but throw on top of that an extra 10K and the enticing runDisney bling? You have us swiping our credit cards faster than I can figure out what age division I'm in.

This week runDisney unveiled what we're running for during each of our races. They showed us the medals. In my opinion (and the Running Partners in Crime agree), the hardware lived up to the hype. The distinctive Disneyland D in the half marathon medal stuck around in this years design. The Dumbo Double Dare challenge medal also more than meets my approval.

I like the Alice in Wonderland theme for the 10K and 5K medals, although Abby did point out that there is a lot of action going on in that 10K design. I'm guessing it doesn't photograph as well as the others because of the intricacy, but it still looks great. The 5K design (and that pocket watch chain ribbon) almost make me want to find a way to add another race to my marching orders.

There's still plenty of news that I'm sure runDisney has yet to share with the race participants. Until that info starts to be unveiled, I'll be reading the blog and watching social media to see what's up next. Oh, and maybe I should start training for those 19.3 miles.
Photo credit to the runDisney Blog and Ruby Dee for use of the images in this post.


  1. You can add me that list salivating over this race but since I am going in November for a family vacation and I just ran the Disney Princess Half in Orlando this past February I just cant swing it. I would LOVE to have a bling rack just for Disney medals!! I actually like the 10k medal best of all for the Dumbo Dare.. Have fun!

    1. You're telling me, Nicole. Those runDisney races are pretty addictive, as is their bling. I've done 4 Goofy Challenges, with Dumbo and Dopey on the horizon. The medals definitely do deserve a rack of their own!