Friday, March 2, 2012

R'n'R NOLA Race Weekend Eve

On the eve of the biggest weekend of the year for the New Orleans running community, I have a confession to make: I have never been more anxious, unsure, unprepared, or nervous about a race.

The 2012 Rock’n’Roll New Orleans Marathon isn’t my first full marathon. Its actually far from my first time at this rodeo; however, in the three years I have been participating in endurance sports, this is the first time I’ve let something get in the way of my training. What’s been my impediment you may ask? One word… Life.

Training has been on a downward spiral since I did the Goofy Challenge in Walt Disneyworld the first weekend in January (Goofy = Half Marathon & Full Marathon in the same weekend), and it never did get back on track. My longest run since was the Louisiana Riverfront Half in late January, and that was far from a best effort. Aside from several six mile jaunts on the streetcar tracks, my running has been non-existent.

Plus, to top it off, I decided it was a good idea to continue with my weight training classes through race week … something I never do. Who pulls a muscle in his lower back 5 days prior to race day? This guy. Seeing me get out of bed Wednesday morning was a comedy of errors. I’ve been hobbling around the office since, but a quick casual run Thursday evening seems to have worked out most of the kinks.

A race that was once intended to be a new PR has turned in to a race that is a “must not DNF.” As a result, I have put some safeguards in place to make sure I cross the finish line … the condition I am in is yet to be seen. What do I have in mind for my Sunday Must-Runday?

1) Strategically telling friends / family certain spots on the route to come out and support. Their presence makes sure I have accountability to see them. For example, the parents will be around mile 14 (and again at mile 25) not allowing me to duck out for a half-finish.

2) I’m bringing extra Gu to make sure I take it more often and don’t hit a wall earlier than normal.

3) I’ve read, re-read, and read again my Race Course Preview blog to plot a strategy for pacing. (Check out that blog entry HERE.)

4) The iPod music playlist has been updated with new tunes that are sure to keep the adrenaline flowing and the mind off the task at hand. (Chris Brown – “Turn Up The Music,” Breathe Carolina – “Blackout,” Jessie J – “Domino,” etc)

5) I’m scouring online for inspirational articles and information relating to the race. Stuff to think about while toeing the line always helps get me motivated.

6) The blogger universe will certainly be the ultimate factor when I’m grunting through those last 6 miles. Knowing I can come back Monday morning with a full race re-cap and the opportunity to say “I did it!” will be just enough to keep me moving.

One thing about the weekend that I am excited about is the Claim Your Journey Tweet-Up on Saturday at the Expo. (Check out the details HERE.) I’ll be with CYJ staff manning our booth from 10am-2pm, and will stick around to meet some of my fellow bloggers that I’ve only “met” through their profile, chatted with on G-chat, or stalked via-facebook.  Come out, say Hi, and get your Run Louisiana shirts to represent!

To all Runners this Weekend, Best of Luck! If you’re chasing a BQ, a PR, or you’re just out to finish … the hard part of the journey is already over. You’ve put in the work, time, and dedication to sign up and train for the race. Think of the final miles on Sunday morning as your victory lap, and bask in all its glory. Enjoy it … You’ve earned it!

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