Friday, February 3, 2012

... And Everybody's Havin' Fun

Its that time of year again. Time for King Cake, adult libations, random food items thrown from floats (moon pies, potato chips, peanuts, tootsie rolls), Popeye’s, and King Cake. Yes, I said it twice on purpose. Its also the time of year when I fall off the running wagon. Not only does the number of local racing events taper off due to the holiday, but my training grounds of choice are taken over by neutral ground campers for the better part of a week and half. I'm one of those runners who gets in to a pattern and that's how I stay motivated. Its routine. Its consistency. Its knowing that the best part of my day will be the hour when I hit St. Charles Avenue for 6 miles of solitude (minus streetcars and vehicles that insist on left hand turns). I don't know how I'm going to keep up my  training schedule for RNR New Orleans come March 4th, and I certainly don't know how I'm going to keep off the inevitable 10lbs that will be inflicted on me by multiple "2 piece and a biscuit" selections. I'm ready to just chalk this one up to the hazards of living in Southern Louisiana ... and will enjoy every last second of it. Who knows? Maybe this break is just what I need before hitting my next PR.

What do you do to stay motivated during this time of self indulgence? And more importantly, what do you do to get back in to the swing of things once the party's done?

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