Friday, September 18, 2009

Its a Marathon, Not a Sprint

I have been a bad blogger. Yes, I admit it. I take full ownership of my bad blogging form. Work has picked up in pace considerably in just the past week with the season fast approaching. I can't wait for things to be in full swing around here come mid-October. Its very exciting.

One thing I hadn't realized until this morning is how much the Tupelo Marathon took out of me ... both physically and mentally. I have honestly felt like I have been cheating on a significant other with my feelings toward hitting the pavement. Between the weather, my exhaustion, and just a generally busy schedule, I haven't been finding the time to consistently run. This morning, I did get up and run about 8 or 9 miles at 5:30am and pounded it out on the streets of Lakeview. It really did feel good to get that done, so I think I am getting my groove back. Watch out Stella.

On the horizon? The Chicago Marathon is on October 11th, so I leave NOLA on the 9th to head there and come back on the 12th. So excited for another mini-trip to get another race under the belt ... and its a big one. This should put my sights back on the prize. I'll feed off the energy from this marathon and all the spectators, excitement, and overall fun of the weekend. Plus, the food in Chicago. God, I can't wait. This post race meal will be no Cracker Barrel, but I think I'll be fine with deep dish pizza and Tutti Frutti Gum.

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