Thursday, August 27, 2009

On Your Marks. Get Set...

In the era of Twitter, I am not sure if the Blog is still on peoples' radar for communication with the online community. Has the attention span of the average adult shortened so much that we have to get our thoughts across is 160 characters or less? If so, starting my blog will be for my own personal enjoyment ... but hopefully others take pleasure in getting to delve in to the crevices of my mind.

As for a brief introduction to get this puppy started, I am (now) a 26 year old guy that was born and raised in New Orleans (Metairie, actually), Louisiana and continues to enjoy all that the city has to offer. In the past year, I have undergone numerous changes in my life that include a career redirect and a lifestyle altering. I now work in professional sports marketing, and have gone from being a lazy office employee who occasionally works up a sweat by eating a 6 course meal ... to a guy that doesn't rest until he gets his daily fix of endorphins from a 6 mile run (followed by a 6 course meal). Trust me, drastic changes indeed.

This blog will hopefully be about my daily trials, tribulations, successes, and failures as I run through life ... both on and off the training course. My goal is to keep the detours to a minimum, but I am making no promises. If necessary, please feel free to use the starting gun to get me back on track.

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